After a warm escape from the matrix
The deliverer bestowed all from him
Unto his servants he laid his blessings
To and fro on the island 
Till his Captain calls

The footprint 
A silent call to answer 
As babes hopes to walk on 
Never ending in suspense 
Since man has not crossed the bar

The countrymen rest on it as God
Its directions as their pathway
And its traits as a lesson to the descendants 
Even the aged lay on it to rest
As example, it is to walk with

Footprint is, but eternal
Yet lost when the waters wash it away
No man seek to find it
But to follow a new print 


The heart craved for a mate
Solitary, a malady to man 
The psyche in anguish
The patient weeps for an antidote 
As his disease gets stronger 

In the city of Venus 
The gods seek for a tally 
The goddess prays for an ally 
The Maker lost in the mist 
Creates to them pet 
The apt yearns for Solomonic sanity

The unready booms at their sights
Each other results in a vex
Love birds translates to Spites
Shambles, they remain

The feeble succumb in the world 
The vulnerable bites the dust 
The valiant faces the war 
A frontier in the battlefield 
Victory, at last, after determination 


The tree,
Built up in the days of antiquity
With struggles for survival
Moving from a setting to another
Approached the family
To build a jungle of villages
The great iroko tree

Its root as strong as the tiger
Valiant, to fight the leopard
Tougher as the teak
With their bodies,
Fortified with strength

The stem; meek and tender
Subject to the sayings of the root
Covered with innocence and naivety
Effective in the provision of livelihood
And a source of joy

The tree,
Upheld by its branches
Holding the leaves, stem and root
Head to the families
Judge to the immoralist
And a father for all
But pruned if found unworthy

Its leaves,
Greenish and spotless
The drums call on it
Everyone dances to the rhythm
But with a twinkle of an eye
It was jeopardized by an unknown leaf

Her fruits were natural from the Maker
Flowing from hence to there
Yet, it's inhabitants blind to cultivate
The white man in ambush
Stole to its unfortified land
The great iroko tree never falls
Its people as strong as the Lion
Visionaries like the eagle
And an expected end



  1. image

    A mighty tree has fallen. The heart of Kumasi High School has turned to dust. Darkness has overshadowed the light. Cries and weep as much as the sea has engulfed mmerante3. Who would ever dream? Who would ever think? Who would ever imagine? Who would ever aim? Yet the man called “Death” called him without seeking permission. He breached the contract and called him embracing him with sickness. A man of valour, He could face the lion to redeem his alma mata(KUHIS), a man of substance, a man who hated corruption, a man of vision, a man who turned Kumasi High School over a new leaf. All mmerante3 are in a slumber, dreaming this is not true but the reality proves to be so. “Parents should not eat sour grapes for their children to gnash their teeth” one of his favourite quotes when delivering a speech to his sons. “The soul that sins must die” His preachings to repair the damages of the past to redeem the current state of the school. How we wish this could turn around…hmmm…Who has power over death? Man has not but to bow to it. Kumasi High School has known no father for a decade but him…He departed without prompting us. He left without our notice. He never said goodbye to his children. Why would a father do that to us? Daddy, why did you leave us as orphans? Who will take care of us? Tell us for we are lost and in a great dilemma on who to put our trust in. You nutured, fed, trained,scolded, advised,and taught us how to live our lives when we go out..Who will then do that since you are gone? We remember you always telling us “The cows among us are the ones giving us a bad name”. You removed the chaff from the better ones and made us great men. You always say ” KNUST is just behind us but there are two ways to get there. One is to scale a wall to get there and the other is to use you Wassce results to get there permanently’…”You go there at your own risk” another quote when we are vsiting the stadium for games. Hmm…Tell us, who will tell us all these? How can we hear your voice again. Daddy we surely miss you. We have no power nor authority to bring you back. How we wish we could fight death but our strength gets not there. Why did you leave your family? Did you wonder what will happen to the Yeboah family? Ow..God we put not blame to you but we wish you could turn things around. The heart of Kumasi High School has left us for a long journey with no end. “ETERNITY”…a word we hate to hear but happens each day. We never knew your days were numbered. Why did 2017 smile to you and frown later at the dusk of January? Your visions, aspirations and goals to better Kumasi High School has now been shuttered by death. A dream with was to be a reality is a now a corpse. We cry each day for vengeance. “Yes!! Vengeance!!. We wish you could hear our cry and give to us a right answer your demise. 10 and a month years a ago, you were the Man of the house. The man is now laying without even a shaking of the hand. Death!!! All will face but we wish not this time. Leave us not alone daddy rather stay with us. We cry for hope. We need you Daddy. We have nothing to say than to say safe journey to Abraham’s bossom. We shall surely miss you. Yes!!! We shall!! Damirifa due!!! Due ne amanehunu!!! Mmerante3 se wo dwoodwoo w) w’akwantuo yi mu. Rest in peace Father.We shall surely meet again. 

    Appiah-Kubi Andrews Owusu,
    Old student,2016 batch.                             


Her beauty made me surrender
Her vocal put me to assunder
Did I ever wonder
All these seems like a splendor
Because my centre was a stranger

She froze my heart with a lie
All I could think was to fly
But I realised it was a try
She put my eyes into a cry
And wondered if I could die

Morn and Eve bring me grief
Thinking of a second chance to breathe
My blood begins to seethe
When her smiles was just a leaf
To turn me into a mere beef

She made me a fool
I was just her bull
But I am not going through
I will just play it cool
And weep for myself as pool

It is the eleventh hour
And all cannot,to the back
It is now immortal within
*How I wish*
All could turn around